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Raísa currently works as an Art Director @ CUBOCC US. Between 2016 and 2017 she worked as a Senior Art Assistant @ Martin Luz. From Winter to Spring 2016, Raísa worked as a Letterpress Intern @ Globe Collection & Press at MICA. Prior to that, Raísa co–founded Efêmmera, a girls-only crew that promotes and connects women, empowering them through commissions for brands, street art, murals, talks, exhibitions and art curatorship. In 2015 she was awarded by the Federal Government of Brazil with a full-time scholarship to study Graphic Design at The Maryland Institute College of Art. Her clients include Unilever (TRESemmé, Nexxus NY Salon Care, Dove, Axe, Hellmann’s, Vaseline) Facebook, Instagram, Fecomercio-SP, SEBRAE and Editora Abril.




Work Experience


Art Director
São Paulo, SP – Brazil
01/2018 – present

Assistant Art Director
São Paulo, SP – Brazil
04/2017 – 01/2018

Senior Art Assistant
Martin Luz
São Paulo, SP – Brazil
07/2016 – 03/2017

Letterpress Intern
Globe Collection and Press @ MICA
Baltimore, MD – USA
01/2016 – 05/2016